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My Testimony

I was born in Pahl, Germany and my Mother could not afford to raise me and I was placed in an orphan home. I didn’t have a Mother to hold me or nurse me, which usually builds a bond between a mother and baby. An American couple was in the Army and stationed in Germany and wanted to adopt two children before going back to the USA. They picked one child two years older then me, and then they told that child to pick a child at the orphanage and they will adopt another child. Well, he picked me out of all the other children there. Thank God that I left that place, and was going to America! I wasn’t raised in a Christian home, and found myself getting into trouble at the age of sixteen. I got on drugs and alcohol, and brought shame to my adopted parents. They couldn’t handle me any more so they locked me out of the house, and I found myself living in a cornfield. I started off as an orphan and now found myself homeless. I remember so many people said that I wouldn’t amount to any thing. I felt so alone during these very troubling times. One day a man named Donald Cassidy told me about Jesus Christ – and this was the first time I ever heard what Jesus did on the cross for me. That night I looked up to heaven, and cried to God, if you are real, CHANGE MY LIFE, and I will follow you the rest of my life! The very next morning, I threw out all my drugs, poured out all my alcohol, and felt CLEAN from head to toe!

All my friends left me one by one, and my family thought I was crazy – because all I wanted to do was read my Bible all day! I was having Bible studies everywhere I could. I wanted everyone to know about Jesus, and how He could forgive them of their sins and set them free. I slowly seen most of my friends come to Christ along with my family one by one! I met Kelly at one of my Bible studies, and we were married one year later.

When Kelly and I first started out in ministry, I would go to other countries and pass out Gospel tracts because that’s all I could afford, and I limited God so much in my life. Then God spoke to my heart to go to the poorest nations of the world and bring them the Good News of Jesus Christ and tell them if you’re a sinner…there is forgiveness, if afraid…there is faith, if sick…there is healing, if broken…there is a fix, if empty…you can be filled!

Our very first crusade was held in Asia, and when we found the perfect place to have the crusade, the person in charge of the place that we wanted to rent for a week gave us the run around!! They knew we were Christians and didn’t want to rent the place to us for our crusade. A few weeks later this person’s daughter got deathly sick and they e-mailed me and in a panic letter, asked if we would pray for their daughter. I didn’t really know what God was doing, but we did pray and in a couple days their daughter was completely healed! This person said we could rent the place we wanted for as long as we needed! And we didn’t pay a penny for it either! When I went to pay for this place in Asia, this person would not let me pay! I asked if they would get in trouble from their boss – I am the boss replied this person! God works in awesome ways!

Since then we have been in many poor nations around the world holding crusades, pastors & family conferences, food & Bible distribution, starting and operating Bible schools, and building churches. On March 10, 2008 through a miracle from God, I located my birth mother in Germany and on April 26, 2008 Kelly and I and all of our children met my mother for the very first time in Germany. It was an awesome reunion. My mother was so happy to see me. She also said it was a miracle from God. God is so faithful.


Meeting my birth mother for the very first time in Germany…God is so good!!!!




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